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Enter Liam Hodges’s weird and wonderful Atari-fied vortex

Ready player...

Liam Hodges’ newest installment is an ode to cyberspace. If you’ve ever been subject to a 90s simulation game or a Streets of Rage, Wipeout and ever had this sudden urge to physically penetrate realities and immerse in this new simulated kind, then this collection is for you.

Whilst the world grapples with our generation’s digital consumption and the emergence of cyber tribes and cultures that exist, solely on the digi-sphere – Liam Hodges wants us to imagine a world where characters become us. The results: a rupturing of graphic print embossing slouched oversized crowd pleasers. Liam has perfected the art of the undone- unrefined and effortlessly cool. From oversized polo’s, multi-print cargo pants, tech- inspired puffer jackets, shin pads, all paired with a chunky trainer or combat boot.  If you needed any further proof of just how committed Hodges was to this cause; extra hold spray, wax, skinheads and braids and locks. Choose your fighter.

10 June 2019