‘Euphoria’ star Barbie Ferreira denies rumours of on-set feud

Barbie Ferreira has finally addressed rumours of a 'Euphoria' feud...

Euphoria season two has been all that people have been talking about online. There’s its star-studded cast, adult themes, and, of course, its poignant — if not slightly unrealistic — portrayal of adolescence. During the season’s run, however, rumours of on-set tension between showrunner Sam Levinson and Barbie Ferreira (Kat Hernandez) started making the rounds on social media.

Per a report by The Daily Beast, the 25-year-old allegedly “butted heads” with Levinson and “stormed off” set after becoming frustrated about her character’s storyline. This, the report claimed, led to her character receiving significantly less screentime than in season one.

Fuel was only added to the fire when the women of Euphoria appeared on the cover of The Cut in February. Ferreira told the publication, “Kat’s journey this season is a little more internal and a little mysterious to the audience” — a statement that some viewers interpreted as an illusion to her purported feud with Levinson.

The actress has now denied the claims. In an interview with Insider, following season two’s finale, she said: “What’s interesting about this season is there are so many more eyes on it that even the news cycle has been so interesting to see. I’ve seen so many different things and a lot of it is untrue, and some of it’s kind of like mundane little things.”

“Sometimes, things take on a life of their own, and they’re not rooted in the truth, but it’s okay because I know it’s just out of passion and out of curiosity and all that good stuff. And I signed up for it. So, I’ll take it. I’ll take the good and the bad,” she added.

HBO issued their own statement on the matter to Variety, defending Levinson and his on-set protocols. “The well-being of cast and crew on our productions is always a top priority. The production was in full compliance with all safety guidelines and guild protocols. It’s not uncommon for drama series to have complex shoots, and COVID protocols add an additional layer. We maintain an open line of communication with all the guilds, including SAG-AFTRA. There were never any formal inquiries raised.”

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