1 February 2023

Even Saint West can’t get enough of blokecore

With his mother, Kim Kardashian, recently seen rocking an A.S. Roma jersey, football kits are becoming more popular than ever.

Even before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, football jerseys were infiltrating the fashion world. Thanks to blokecore – an aesthetic revolving around footy-inspired wear – classic and modern football jerseys have become more popular than ever, becoming a mainstay on our TikTok FY pages. Following the World Cup, the beautiful game has cemented its place as the biggest sport on the planet, and, as a result, kits from across the globe are finding their way into celebrity wardrobes. This time it’s Kim Kardashian’s son, Saint West, who was most recently seen tapping into the ever-rising trend.

West follows Kardashian’s lead, who stepped out in a vintage A.S. Roma Jersey that set Twitter alight over the weekend and resulted in that particular tee from the 97/98 season skyrocketing in value. Fans were quick to point out that eBay listings of the jersey were going for as much as $200 when it was previously available for a much more modest $50 (thanks, Kim).

West, however, decided to look to the UK for his own take on blokecore, rocking Arsenal’s sleek 22/23 away jersey – a team that’s becoming a force in pop culture overseas. On 21 Savage’s and Drake’s recent collaborative effort, Her Loss, the former shouted out the North London outfit, while the latter was seen donning a vintage Gunners tee last October. 

The humble soccer jersey was recently reimagined for the runway with Balenciaga’s standout collaboration with adidas last year, which saw the two come together for a baggy, overside, high-fashion take on the sports uniform. And given its continued rise in pop culture, it probably won’t be long before we see models sporting full kits (shin pads and all) in upcoming fashion week collections.

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit Instagram / Kim Kardashian

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