14 September 2022

Everything that will be closed or cancelled on the Queen’s funeral — from food banks to hospital appointments

Following the announcement that Monday will be a national bank holiday, most employers have decided to close their doors to the potential detriment of citizens.

Following The Queen’s death last Thursday (9th September), it was swiftly announced that 10 days of national mourning would commence a day after and would end on Monday 19th September, with the funeral taking place on the same day. The day of the funeral itself will be classed as a national bank holiday and although employers have no legal requirements to close their businesses, plenty have decided to do so. Of course, with such short notice, this will have a huge impact on the country as a whole as everything from schools to hospital appointments will be affected. Take a look below for everything that will be closed or affected on the day of the funeral.


A number of food banks in the UK have announced that they’ll be closing for the bank holiday. However, after receiving some backlash some food banks have made a U-turn on their decision after volunteers offered to help out to ensure they could stay open. The charities running them were quick to point out that they usually close on bank holidays as the service is supported by volunteers.

Hospital and Doctors appointments

Several planned hospital and doctor appointments have been cancelled on Monday. According to The Guardian, “Operations such as hip and knee replacements, cataract surgery, maternity checks and some cancer treatment” will be cancelled. These cancellations will only add to the pressure put onto the health services that currently already have a waiting list of a record high 6.8 million people, according to the latest figures in July. As reported by Open Democracy, nearly 40% of cancer patients have already had their treatment delayed beyond the two-month maximum.


The National Association of Funeral Directors revealed in a statement that while some planned funerals will still go ahead on Monday, most have been postponed. In a statement, it said: “Most funeral services booked for 19 September will have been arranged many weeks ago, so funeral directors and cemeteries/crematoria are working with families to find the best approach for each one.”

Supermarkets and retailers

Several supermarkets and retailers have announced a temporary closure on the bank holiday. As reported by Sky News, Supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Asda have all confirmed their closure with most other competitors also following suit. There are some exceptions with a large majority of Tesco Express’ remaining open from 5-10pm. Primark, Ikea and Zara are just a few of the retailers who will also be closed on Monday. 


Following the weekend’s cancellations at all levels of football, the Premier League has confirmed that Chelsea vs Liverpool, originally scheduled for Sunday at 4:30pm, has been postponed. Manchester United vs Leeds has also been postponed.


Strikes by rail and postal that were set to take place between 15th and 17th September over a long-running pay dispute have been postponed. The Transport Salaried Staffs Association and the train drivers union Aslef also suspended their strikes.


Most hearings have been postponed on Monday although urgent hearings, including overnight custody cases, will continue in consultation with the judiciary. Cases, where defendants have been held in custody to appear in court on the day of the funeral, will be moved to the next available date.

Royal Institutions

The Royal Historic Palaces have closed all of their sites until further notice, including the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace and Kew Palace. The Royal Opera House, Royal Geographical Society and London Zoo are also closed


As reported by the Museums Association, The Natural History Museum, Science Museum and National Gallery will all be closed on Monday. The Society of London Theatre and UK Theatre has stated that most shows in the Capital will be rescheduled. BBC Radio 2 Live in Leeds, which was set to take place on Saturday and Sunday, has been cancelled. The lineup featured artists such as Robbie Williams and George Ezra.

London Fashion Week

Caroline Rush, chief executive of the British Fashion Council (BFC), told Sky News that London Fashion Week will be going ahead, although some designers have already cancelled their shows. Burberry’s Saturday show will no longer go ahead, while Claudie Pierlot and Raf Simons also cancelled their events. The British Fashion Council has recommended that shows on the day of the funeral be rescheduled. Designers have also been asked to “respect the mood of the nation and period of national mourning.”

Royal Mail

All Royal Mail services will be suspended on Monday.

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