27 June 2022

Everything we know about Jordan Peele’s new UFO movie ‘Nope’

This will be the director’s first movie in four years after 2019’s ‘Us’

Jordan Peele always keeps his cards close to his chest. It’s never easy to figure out the premise of any of the director’s flicks. If he could have it his way we’d probably never get any trailers for any of his films, just a vague and unrevealing title.

This is, though, what makes his films such an event. Both Get Out and Us were shrouded in mystery — something that was a welcome diversion from the likes of Marvel trailers, which reveal most of the plot in two minutes. 

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too much longer till we can all take in Peele’s latest offering, which will be released on July 22nd, but in the meantime here’s everything we know about Nope.

Nope brings back the iconic partnership of Peele and Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya, who both worked together on Peele’s debut feature film, Get Out. Other stars who are confirmed to be featured in the film are Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Barbie Ferriera and Brandon Perea.

The premise of Nope seems to be focused all around UFO’s although we expect Peele to put his own unique spin on this tried and tested Hollywood trope. After encountering a mysterious shape in the sky, ranch owners James and Jill Haywood (Kaluuya and Palmer) decide to make the most of this opportunity. Setting up security cameras, they’re determined to get proof of what’s out there.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jordan Peele movie if things don’t go spectacularly wrong. As seen in the final trailer, aliens begin to wreak havoc on the family ranch in disturbingly creative ways. A smashed windscreen and a trashed rodeo ring are nothing compared to what looks like the abduction of an entire rodeo audience. That’s to say nothing of Daniel Kaluuya, who we see on a horse, being chased by an enormous flying saucer.

Nope debuts in theatres on July 22, 2022 (August 12th in the UK). Jordan Peele both wrote and directed the project, which he produced alongside Ian Cooper.

  • Writer Chris Saunders

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