20 February 2019

Exclusive: Raf Simons on 70s New Wave and latest collaboration

Throwback to a Misspent Youth.

“I was inspired by that period in time – the late 70s early 80s – when punk morphed into New Wave,” Raf Simons says of his spring / summer 2019 collection. “I’ve always been fascinated by how fashion contributed to construct, confirm identities in these subcultures. It was so creative, in the way that the kids back then transformed their clothes into something else, by cutting away or adding things. They transformed it into something very personal but also reflecting that subculture, and referencing the music they loved. The photographs incorporated in the collection are a tribute to these kids.”

Translating this rebellious energy into his latest Eastpak collaboration, he says “we wanted to bring luxury menswear closer to the kids in the streets. Eastpak has a strong connection with youth culture, and there is a mutual understanding and respect between both brands.”

Photography by Romain Bourven

For the eighth consecutive collab, this season Raf Simons uses black and silver thick pile satin fabrication to transform Eastpak’s signature bags into wearable art. The back panel features a full bleed screen print of personalities captured from the 80s punk scene to serve as “portable posters” when hung up.

“We are referencing the posters adorning kids’ rooms, more specifically in those late 70s, early 80s,” Simons explains. “But we’re also referring to haute couture from the mid-20th century, in the materials we used and the pockets we incorporated in these designs. With this collaboration, we do try to make our brand more accessible to everyone, and especially to young fans of the brand who’d love to own a Raf Simons piece.”

The limited edition Raf Simons x Eastpak collection includes four styles: RS Poster Padded £180, Tote £200, Poster Backpack £200 & Poster Waist Bag £90, AVAILABLE VIA eastpak.com.

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