EXCLUSIVE: Suki Waterhouse on her new music video starring Jordan Barrett

The model and actress turned musician's latest track is a playful take on love and lust.

London born and bred, Suki Waterhouse headed in New York City to create the sensual visuals for her new single, ‘Good Looking’. Capturing those most intimate moments in our lives, both individually and collectively, the music video follows Suki and her lustful lover, played by the renowned Australian model Jordan Barrett. The song’s take on a burgeoning relationship is as light-hearted as it is raw, and follows the sun-streaked days with the couple as they spend every moment in a hotel room bed. We caught up with Suki Waterhouse to find out how ‘Good Looking’ came into creation, and where she’s off to next…

When did you decide to make ‘Good Looking’?

Eva Doležalová and I made it about two years ago in the summer. We shot a few videos together that we haven’t put out yet and it’s always on a whim. When there’s a window of time and we’ll start shooting. I think we came up with the idea and executed in probably a few days.

What was the inspiration behind the video?

Deep horrible blues and a frequency of trouble…

How do you find creating the visuals for your own music varies from your film work?

I’m still figuring it out. My video for ‘Brutally’, I used footage I’d taken of myself on a little Sony camcorder. For ‘Good Looking’, I just wanted to do it on the Hi-8. I always crave that grainy quality. I wanted it stripped back. Also having no “hair and makeup” done is a relief. There’s so much touching up and prodding involved usually.

If your audience could take away just one thing from the song what would it be?

Be really careful about dancing near a ceiling fan. If you watch the video you’ll see what I mean.

What’s next for you?

I finally got over my fear of playing a show and did the first one last week at Frieze Art Fair in LA. I’m dying to do another one now. Also working on getting together new songs to put out soon.

Watch ‘Good Looking’ exclusively below now and follow Suki Waterhouse on Instagram here.

7 March 2019