Exclusive: Watch Brooke Candy and Rankin’s video for Happy

When creative forces collide, this is what it looks like.

Brooke Candy is a force of nature. Known for her outspoken and empowering attitude the creative polymath puts every part of herself into her art – the good, the bad and the ugly. She is as artist that is uncompromisingly real, a quality that shines through in her latest track, “Happy”, that chronicles struggles with mental health and identity, and is some of her most personal work to date.

Working with Rankin for the second time, the video lets Brooke’s most intimate self run wild, acting as an empowering statement for others to feel comfortable enough to do the same. “Rankin’s energy and sense of humour are what I love most about working with him,” Brooke says. “He always finds a way to make me feel incredibly sexy and confident while simultaneously making me safe and encouraging me to be who I am: a freak. This song deals with mental health and is incredibly personal to me. It’s the nearest and dearest to my heart from my upcoming album and I wouldn’t have wanted to collaborate on the visual with anyone else. This is my second video with him and I truly hope it isn’t my last!”

“Brooke is a truly unique voice”, said Rankin of working with the artist. “She’s somebody that is not afraid to experiment, not afraid to take risks and keeps pushing herself, her audience and everyone she works with. In this world where mediocre seems to be the enemy of creativity, she is a superhero fighting the good fight every day. We need more like her.”


29 March 2019