Cult accessories brand Komono explore the art of a timepiece

For the launch of their Signature Collection, KOMONO teams up with 10 international artists, both upcoming and more established, to reinterpret some of the brand’s most beloved watch shapes. Ten artists, including New York illustrator Amber Vittoria to Taiwan-born artist Debby Woo, were invited to interpret the Komono product with their own vision of time.

Amber Vittoria is self-proclaimed product of her time. The artist works both digitally and by hand, producing a result that includes both sweeping surfaces of colour and shape, and irregular manual lines. “For me, working both ways roots my work in the present-day”, she explains. “The ability to create solely digitally, solely by hand, or a combination of both, is very much art in 2018.”

Each of these artists incorporates one or more of the Signature watches into their art work. Ranging from photography to video and illustration, these works form a collection of highly personalized stories that capture the spirit of our times. Each with their own unique voice and style, these artists convey a captivating visual narrative on the concepts of identity and time. Check out our edit of art x watch collaborations in our gallery below.


11 October 2018