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Facebook wants to fix your fashion faux pas

Charli XCX 1999

Keyboards at the ready, Mark Zuckerberg's out to improve tech bros' rep for subpar style with new AI feature Fashion+++

Let’s be real, Silicon Valley is one of the least chic places on Earth. With its uniform of fleece vests and portable protein shakes, it’s the kind of spot where an Andy Sachs-style question of “and how do you spell Gabanna?” might legitimately be met with blank stares – unless Uber CMO and Junya Watanabe fan Bazoma Saint John were in the room, of course.

Admittedly, we were pretty into pop princess Charli XCX cosplaying Steve Jobs for the “1999” video. However, as a general rule, we don’t hold up tech bros as style icons, much less take style advice from anyone that has their own digital start-up. Is this prejudiced? Maybe – but don’t tell us you’re any different.


Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and subject of the 2010 feature-length character assassination, The Social Network, wants to change all that. In an attempt to keep users loyal to the ageing platform Zuckerberg has announced “Fashion+++” – a new, AI-driven feature that will (excuse the tech speak) “propose minimal adjustments to a full-body clothing outfit that will have maximal impact on its fashionability.” With a “less is more” approach to outfit optimisation, the programme will suggest subtle changes to your look – whether it be rolling up your sleeves, or swapping one of your clothing items for another.

Whilst the Facebook research team assures that Fashion+++ actually works, that’s not the main question at play. More importantly for Zuckerberg’s investors, will it stop you from deleting your Facebook account?

Read more at the Facebook website here.

24 September 2019