FCK Boris protest planned for tonight

All the information you need to know about this evening’s festival.

So, Boris Johnson was elected as our new prime minister yesterday (July 23) by 0.2% of the population with almost half over the age of 65. Not cool huh?

Organised by groups such as gal-dem, BLMUK (Black Lives Matter UK), Grime4Corbyn and journalist Owen Jones, ‘FCK GOVT FCK BORIS’ will be a street festival like no other – celebrating the power of communities Johnson has previously publicly discriminated and protesting our government.

While Johnson is being sworn in this evening the crowds will be ready to greet him, or in the group’s own words: “We will be ready to reject him. And we will be ready to reject every single one of his cronies and everything they stand for.” Basically to make enough noise to be heard while he is making his first speech as PM.

The event is set to host a wide range of DJs, artists and speakers, it also encourages anyone attending to bring any source of sound amplifiers you can get your hands on! Bootleg brand Sportsbanger will also be giving away 100 of their signature ‘Fuck Boris’ t-shirts at the event too.

Here’s a list of the key know-whats for the festival:

  1. The event will be held at Russel Square between the times of 17:30 and 21:00
  2. DRINK WATER, it’s hot out there!
  3. The page has made it very clear not to drink alcohol
  4. General sun safety: Sunscreen, stand in the shade where possible and appropriate clothes
  5. Bring your friends
  6. Make some noise!

See you tonight!

24 July 2019