28 January 2022

Fendi SS22 — bejewelled beauty meets futuristic couture

Celestial skin takes centre stage in Kim Jones’ Fendi Couture show for Spring Summer 2022…

Bejewelling your skin has never not been hot. Well, it did take a brief turn with the vajazzle craze a few years back – a topic that was, ostensibly, on everyone’s crotch. Or maybe the idea makes you think of Zao from the James Bond film, Die Another Day, though even he looked pretty good with diamonds lodged in his face. But now, designer Kim Jones’ recent Fendi Couture runway show has brought beauty back to bejewelling.

Sci-fi silhouettes and goddess-esque looks brought the past, present and future together at Fendi yesterday afternoon. 

Swarovski crystals embellished the models’ faces as they moved through time with the futuristic backdrop — echoing Jones’ musings of Rome’s amalgamation of the ancient and contemporary. Reflecting the light and creating an effervescent glow, the models’ bejewelled skin was reminiscent of the warm glimmer of starry nights.

The looks, which were created by Fendi’s  Artistic Director of Jewelry, Delfina Delettrez, and makeup artist Peter Philips encapsulated the show’s vision: to combine the past with both the present and the future, in order to highlight the spirituality of Rome and underpin “the power of women”.  

“Where we work feels very modern,” Kim Jones said about the collection. “But you pass monuments on the way there. There’s a total timelessness to the city: a historic vein that runs through it, but also a movement that is projecting forwards… Rome has a certain spirituality as a city. Not necessarily something religious, but something present in the layers of its history.”

Check out more of the Fendi SS2022 show below…

  • Writer Ry Gavin
  • Imagery Courtesy of Fendi

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