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Fitness doesn’t give a f**k about your hashtags

Welcome to the new era of fitness.

How often have you mindlessly scrolled through Instagram and been made to feel bad about your fitness levels? In a social media age we’re constantly bombarded with images of perfection, those clad in pastel lycra and waxing lyrical about #goals and their 5am trips to the gym. It’s a battle field out there. But for trainer and KXU instructor Rebekah Abdeen enough is enough, and in her new video Rebekah aims to debunk the tired myths surrounding modern fitness.

“At a time where cosmopolitan pressures push the limits and isolation illness is a modern epidemic, working-out is our new heroin,” she says. “But despite the power of sweat, rarely has the fitness industry connected with our complicated lives, operating largely as a parallel universe of biceps, rage and arrogance, declaring #tribe and #squad war in an effort to sell the dream of community.”

“I always knew fitness could be more, Rebekah continues. “More than the ego, the transformation posts and shameless self promotion. There’s a hunger in me; I want real music, the type that detaches me from reality, I want culture and people…experience. “Wherever you’re going, take me with you” and infect me with a euphoria that I once felt, somewhere, on a dance floor, at 4am.”

“So here we are. Taking it to the next level and going beyond the expected. Manifesting a world of music, sweat and people, all screaming, “we don’t give a fuck about your hashtags.” I decided the time was now to bring that feeling to life. This film is a sensory exploration of the journey, the power and the future of fitness.”

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31 January 2019