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Five artists combining fantasy with reality

Where the actual meets the abstract.

Hunger 15 is out today! And the theme is Fantasy meets Reality. Across editorials, interviews and documentary, the issue explores the blurred lines between the actual and the abstract, the conceptual and the prescriptive. Check out ten reasons to buy the issue here. And follow five creatives who have contributed to the issue below.

Slime Sunday

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Felt like putting this bee on @yumilambert

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Slime Sunday takes the human form and combines it with the unexpected. Their vivid, subversive collages might see eye balls smoking cigarettes, emoji tears, or heads simply exploding with the madness of it all. These are the ultimate post-internet mash-ups.

Daniel Pashman

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Cruise Control #cclxiii

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Daniel Pashman takes vintage photography and hits fast-forward, catapulting images of old couples in Cadillacs into the 22nd Century. Combining the deep, lo-fi romance of the past with the prospect of intergalactic exploration makes for artworks that are simultaneously nostalgic and portentous.

Charlotte Edey

Like Dali meets Vaopwave, Charlotte Edey’s serene artworks and both tangible and ethereal. The combinations of spiritual, concrete and organic references create abstract interpretations of the world we live in, laced with stories of identity and politics.

Pure Honey

Described by the artist themselves as “post internet psychic chaos”, Pure Honey’s artworks are kaleidoscopic explorations of the collision course between what is human and what is digital. The result are subversive snapshots that don’t flinch at the darkness that lies beyond the digital revolution.

Crowns and Owls

London creative collective Crowns and Owls create atmospheric, conceptual fashion films and editorials. Their mesmerising work channels influences from Gregory Crewdson to Barry Jenkins and Nicolas Winding Refn.

27 September 2018