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Five designers to watch from Westminster’s 2019 BA show

Meet fashion's bright new stars from Westminster's 2019 BA show, shot by Chazz Adnitt for HUNGER.

Glenn Wigham

Inspired by ‘Operation Pedestal’ the mission that saved the besieged island of Malta during WW2, Wigwam’s menswear features striking, ‘dazzle camouflage’ prints. Cutting is influenced by archival naval garments, reflecting the chaos of combat. Complex, artisan surfaces are key: appliqued raw-edge fabric fragments attached with disrupted, decorative stitching, complementing cracked and ‘weathered’ prints.

Bruna Ignatowska

Ignatowska’s debut collection is a comic take on romantic ideals: poking fun at the often ridiculous, ‘cheesy’ aspects of love and liaisons. Bruna’s long-standing obsession to create colourful, decorative textiles, inspires complex pieces in a riot of bright and bold colour.

Louisa Yung

Inspired by the erotic illustrations of Toshio Saeki, Yung’s collection investigates innocent curiosity and daring vulgarity. Rejecting ideals of submissive women in erotic art, her fluid illustrations feature constrained and obedient men. Print, embroidery, and hand-cut PVC decoration are used for explicit imagery. Hand-dyed lace contrasts with unforgiving PVC, using 80s boudoir and fetish-wear influences.

Isabel MacInnes

MacInnes’s menswear is developed from her playful 3D process. Exploring childhood gestures – kids distorting clothes into singular, temporary shapes, with exaggerated hood shapes a key feature. The brightness of school sports kits and summer holidays are used for nylon, jersey and denim and contrasted with sober grey suiting – recalling constraints of school uniform and the world of work.

Melissa Eakin

Eakin’s eccentric Guatemalan cowboy grandfather is a major influence in her collection. Brash 80s colour, ‘Miami Babe’ illustrations and hand painting are used for ‘awkward’ layering, western tailoring, and illustrative knitwear. Guatemalan craftsmen created distinctive warped sombreros, highlighting a rapidly disappearing craft of traditional hat making

16 February 2019