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Five exhibitions to go to this weekend

Hungry for culture for this weekend? No worries, HUNGER has got you sorted.

(inter-) at Somerset House (Date: 7-8 June, Price: £6-10)

This weekend Somerset House is hosting a 2-day programme of installations, presentations, panel discussions and live performances exploring image, sound and digital art.

Both days open with presentations and discussions, transitioning to live performances in the evening. Some of the most exciting women in digital art and electronic music are due to perform across the event, including Machine Woman, Somerset House Studios Marija Bozinovska Jones’ MBJ Wetware, Canadian duo Push 1 stop & Wiklow and Siren’s JAY.

You can find out more information and purchase tickets for (inter-) here.


Natalia Goncharova at Tate Modern (Date: 9 June – 8 September, Price: £16 for non-members / £5 for Tate Collective)

Leader of the Russian avant-garde, Natalia Goncharova’s first UK retrospective is going to open at the Tate Modern this weekend. Most of her works have never been seen in this country before!

Goncharova is renowned for her experimental approach to art and design, her pioneering and innovative work influenced many art movements of the 20th century.

Opening on 6 June, you can book tickets on the TATE website or at the Tate Modern.

Rare Japanese animation screening at the Barbican (Date: 9 June, Price: £12.50)

On Barbican’s biggest screen a selection of early Japanese anime films will be shown. Accompanied with live music by composers and musicians of the Guildhall’s Electronic Music Studio makes this the perfect Sunday activity.

To purchase tickets or find out more information about the screening please click here.

Faith Ringgold at The Serpentine (Date:6 June – 8 September, Price: Free)

Artist, activist, author and educator Faith Ringgold is having her key works shown at The Serpentine for her first ever European solo exhibition.

Ringgold, who was born in Harlem, New York, uses her art to challenge the perception of African American identity in her home country. She has consistently produced work that fights these perceptions through feminist and civil rights movements across the last five decades.

To find out more information on the exhibition discussion look here.


Future Primitive at Gossamer Fog (Date: 1 June – 30 June, Price: Free)

Nestled away on Deptford high-street you’ll find Gossamer Fog, the low-key gallery space showcasing some of the capital’s most forward-thinking contemporary art.

The current Future Primitive exhibition is a collection of works exploring ideologies of progress, ritualism, medieval superstition and primitivism.

“Thus there is the Inside, and the Outside, which is the inside of an outside. Loop.

Hallucinatory interchanges between human and its surrounding. A voyage in psychedelic caves. Dream.

Silicon skins, post-human leather hanging like a hunting trophy. Wormholes.

Spirulina, a super food and the oldest form of life on earth. Recurrence.

Traditions and poetical metaphors of human culture that give access to future systems of collectivity. Cycle.

Arrowheads forged by a medieval fletcher using a meteorite bought through Google. Glitch.

And so on…”

Find out more information on the Gossamer Fog website.

7 June 2019