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Five Instagram accounts to follow for a pick me up

Attention: follow at your own risk.

If you think Mondays are bad, you probably never realised just how terrible Tuesdays are. For a start, you’re no longer refreshed from the weekend, you can’t use the “It’s Monday” excuse and, of course, they’re just too far away from the weekend. No need to worry though, we’ve got you covered! We have put together a list of the best Instagram accounts at the moment for a not-so-mid-week mid-week pick me up. Cheer up and get following:

Texts From Your Existentialist

This is what happens when art meets texts from your existential dread.

Taste Of Streep

We don’t think this account needs any explanation, you simply didn’t know you needed to see Meryl Streep chilling on a courgette until now. You’re welcome.

Kirby Jenner

What can we say, no one does Photoshop quite like Kirby Jenner. From the Met Gala red carpet to Vogue cover shoots – wherever Kendall Jenner goes, Kirby will definitely follow.

The Female Warhol

All the motivational quotes you need on your journey to a brighter now.

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Send NEEDS not nudes.

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Saint Hoax

Art, memes and Disney princesses, this certainly is the pop account of the year.

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It’s called fashion sweetie!

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30 July 2019