Five new fashion drops to bookmark for party season

Clinging to that cold glass of rosé, refusing to put on your 40 Denier tights and resolute in the fact that, yes, most things are most definitely better outside - pools, cinemas…people?

Edging towards November, you ignore the (rather innocuous) headlines that summer officially ended last month. Instead, rather than slide into doom and gloom over winter’s blunt arrival we suggest you turn your attention to some rather dazzling new fashion drops this year – just in time for party season.

Soon those long, BBQ-filled day-evenings will be traded in for winter glam cocktail soirees and “festive” themed house parties. I fully immerse myself in the sartorial switchover, often embracing maximal shoulder pads, a lot of sequins and micro-dresses. Because, why not? From Halpern’s Studio 54 redux to the haute high-street collaboration of the year, here’s HUNGER’s pick of the best collections winning in the glamour stakes for AW18…


Warehouse x Ashish

The look…bold bandeau dresses, sparkly outerwear, micro-skirts and everyday basics reimagined in true Ashish style.

Launch date…Early November.

16ARLINGTON x Net-a-Porter

The look…80s power dressing for the next-gen: think luxurious tailoring, opulent feathers and glitzy sequins.

Launch date…12th October.


The look… Iridescent fabrics,  couture-inspired two-pieces and neo-glamour garms made of 100% ethical and upcycled materials. SIS: Sustainability Is Sexy.

Launch date…Available now.

Halpern studio x Net-a-Porter

The look… Glittering jumpsuits, dramatic disco flares and flashes of neon: the capsule collection capturing the 1970s spirit of hedonism at the legendary Studio 54 nightclub.

Launch date…Available now. 

Zandra Rhodes’ party collection

The look… 1977 Starwars print adorns light chiffons next to the juxtaposing structure of pleated metallic lamé. Think disco-worthy garms with a space age twist.

Launch date…Available now online here and in stores early October.


11 October 2018