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Five of the most stylish Wes Anderson movies, ranked

Let Margot Margot Tenenbaum and co inspire your autumn wardrobe.

A quick debriefing of my state of dress over the years and it appears I’ve attempted to channel many a Wes Anderson character – to varying degrees of success. A penchant for thick mustard yellow corduroy suiting a la Mr. Fox? ❤️. A brief fling with a bright-hued beanie chez Bill Murray? Never could pull this off. A love affair with vintage in my late teens, trying to recreate the chain-smoking-art-school kookiness of Margot Tenenbaum? Tried a little too hard, but I still cherish my own £20 caramel faux fur coat version circa 2008.

Few contemporary filmmakers have made such an impact on the fashion world as Wes Anderson – just look to Alessandro Michele’s geek-chic makeover at Gucci for modern Margot interpretations 15 years later. Timeless! With that in mind, here’s Hunger’s ode to the “King of Hipster Cinema” and his stylish mavens…

Margot Mania in ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’

THE ESSENTIALS: chunky faux coat, caramel silk slip dress, baby pink cashmere gloves, dark khol eyeliner and striped Lacoste tops

 WES ANDERSON STYLE-O-METER: 10/10 for thrift-store chic.

The OG of Bathleisure in ‘Hotel Chevalier’

THE ESSENTIALS: yellow everything – yellow walls, yellow bed-frame, yellow bathrobe, yellow blanket yellow bathroom. With a Bloody Mary in hand, obvs.

WES ANDERSON STYLE-O-METER: 8/10 for monochromatic lounging.

Suzy Bishop’s sixties supreme in ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

THE ESSENTIALS: peter pan collars, blue eye shadow, binoculars, high socks and pastel-coloured mini-dresses.

WES ANDERSON STYLE-O-METER: 9/10 for the most enviable pre-teen wardrobe.

Purple Reign in ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

THE ESSENTIALS: purple britches, a matching coat and a bell-boy hat. Extra kudos for hand-drawn moustache.

WES ANDERSON STYLE-O-METER: 7/10 for grandeur workwear.

Modern masculinity in ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’

THE ESSENTIALS: tinted aviators, high-tops, powder blue polo-necks, windbreakers and a orange beanie.

WES ANDERSON STYLE-O-METER: 6/10 for neo-sportswear. 10/10 for cheekbones.

17 December 2018

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