10 September 2018

Five style lessons to takeaway from True Romance

“You’re so cool."

The cow-print minis, turquoise bralettes, Hawaiian tees: I’m not alone in having admired the hyper his ‘n’ her wardrobe in True Romance. The 90s cult classic sparked my love time love affair for purple Cadillacs, cheapo sunglasses and the era-defying cool that is a faux fur leopard print coat. Indisputably one of fashion’s favourite references, its high-low, kitschy aesthetic is part of TR’s enduring charm (that, and of course the Elvis-worshipping Clarence). As True Romance turns 25 today, lets take a look back at the style lessons we learned from our favourite film duo.

A chiffon Bardot top + matching blue sunglasses is a winning combo

Don’t be afraid to wear a loud outfit on a first date (see: Slater’s power shoulders)

Underwear as outerwear, it’s a thing

Take cues from Clarence: Don’t be afraid of the Hawaiian tee

A scarlet red wedding dress for her? A hot pink tuxedo jacket for him? Break all the sartorial rules on your big day

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