23 July 2021

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Hussy

The South London newcomer talks Metallica and Nintendo to celebrate the release of her new, self-titled EP.

South London’s Sophie Nicole Ellison is a multi-instrumentalist crafting releases equal parts peaceful and playful with a raw edge. A truly self-made, DIY artist, Hussy’s sound is for anyone that’s sick of the mainstream and looking for something that hits a little bit harder. Today, she drops her self-titled debut EP, a collection of songs that she describes as; “7 tracks  I self-produced and played all the instruments myself on,” adding that; “The songs are super personal, I’m super proud of it and excited to share.”

Below, she introduces herself with five facts about her that you might not have known about her – unless you’re already a super fan, of course.


1)She’s a Northern lass. 

I’m from the North East in Northumberland, in the complete middle of nowhere, like 3 miles from the Scottish border to be precise. But now I live in South East London. I’ve always been completely obsessed by music since I can’t even remember and started self-recording on a portable cassette recorder. I think me being so into music tied into where I grew up, being so isolated and finding music as a connection to this larger outer world beyond where I was.  I had no friends or siblings who I could play music with so I ended up learning instruments myself like guitar, bass and drums so I could record songs.


2) Kim Gordon is one of her idols.

Kim Gordon is a huge inspiration to me of someone who has consistently just done what they want to do and evolved and maintained artistic integrity through their career. She never seems to have settled into just doing what is expected of her but pushes those boundaries and that’s so inspiring to me. I love everything she does. Musically, for this EP, I’d say subconscious influences would be Free Kitten, Smog, Cat Power, Madonna’s Music era and modern songwriters like Sam Evian and Cass McCombs.

3) She’s a Nintendo 64 fan.

I’ve nearly finished The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Nintendo 64 and I have seen the Metallica film Metallica: Some Kind of Monster three times now.


4) If she wasn’t a musician, she’d be a photographer. 

I nearly did art or photographer over music, I used to do a lot of painting and I love taking film photos.  But I like music as it allows me to kind of live out all those interests and tie that all in together. But I also have a dream of having a crew of goats one day.


5) She’s got high hopes for the future.

I would love to keep growing Hussy and for more people to hear it and connect to it, like I have connected to so much music myself. I feel like I haven’t even started where I’d want to take it musically, let alone visually, so I just want to keep growing artistically and pushing myself. It would be a dream to release music properly through a label and tour.


Listen to Hussy’s new EP, out today, here

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