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FKA Twigs escapes the Big Smoke on “home with you”

Solidifying her legacy as the 2010s Kate Bush, she goes "running ~down~ that hill" towards greener pastures in the video for her latest single

Is there anything left to say about FKA Twigs? One of the most-hyped artists of our generation, the vanguardist musician, dancer and swashbuckler (with a killer falsetto to boot) has set tongues wagging ever since she first emerged in the London music scene. Yet her latest releases, delicate breakup anthem “Cellophane” and trap-infused “Holy Terrain,” prove that if there’s any name on people’s lips, it should be hers.

It’s a sentiment only strengthened by “home with you” released today (7 October) alongside a video directed by Twigs herself. Embarking from the artist’s realisation that “you can take the girl out of the suburbs but you can’t take the suburbs out of the girl” the video opens amongst dance floor chaos in East London, following her  as she escapes the city for greener pastures. Ending in a Midsommar-esque blur of long, white dresses, it’s a meditation on the restorative nature of “home” and how returning to your loved ones can help gain perspective.

The lyrics, however, paint a less clear message, exploring the fraught landscape of miscommunications and emotional dependency that characterises a deteriorating relationship. This sense of fragility is conveyed musically by sparse production, culminating in grandiose strings at the song’s culmination. For anyone currently ~going through it~ in a tough break-up, Twigs’ words are sure to resonate –  particularly in the kinds of overblown, Kate Bush-like promises we make to try and convince our partners to stay: ” I, didn’t know that you were lonely / If you’d have just told me I’d be running down the hills to you.”

The single is the third track to be released from forthcoming LP Magdalene, available to buy and stream as of 8 November (previously listed as 25 October).  Throughout October and November, FKA Twigs is on tour across US and Europe.

Watch the full video and check out the Magdalene tracklist below.


01 thousand eyes
02 home with you
03 sad day
04 holy terrain [ft. Future]
05 mary magdalene
06 fallen alien
07 mirrored heart
08 daybed
09 cellophane

7 October 2019