28 November 2023

For £1900, Louis Vuitton’s new heels include an extra leg

The surreal footwear arrives in two skin tones.

Move out of the way, MSCHF. Louis Vuitton has entered the ring with a wacky shoe to rival the viral Big Red Boots.

The high-end designer’s latest release is a boot that looks like a fake leg. The LV Illusion heels come in two lengths, ankle-high and knee-high, and are available in two skin tones. The heeled boot is designed to look like you’re wearing black heels and white socks. Very meta if you ask me.

According to the brand’s site, the shoes are individually hand-painted and made entirely out of calf leather (also meta), making each pair unique. It is described as a nod to the Surrealist art movement, characterised by strange, oftentimes illogical scenes. Think Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory (you know, the one with the melting clocks) or Rene Magritte’s The Son of Man (also known as that painting of the apple in front of a guy’s face). Oh, and they also arrive with the rather steep price point of £1,880.

Per LV itself, the trompe l’oeil shoes are a tricky feat (or should I say foot) that keeps in line with the FW23 collection’s surrealist inspiration. Other seasonal highlights include sleeves that scrape the ground, dresses that metamorphise into coats, and slitted masks.

The Illusion boots hit the runway alongside all of the aforementioned items but didn’t have the same impact in the context  of the entire collection. Seeing them separately from the rest of the LV line really emphasises how wild these things are.

LV’s Illusion shoes come in two skin tones and sizes, which makes an already odd item extra limited in appeal. Surely, the point of these things is to actually pass as legs, if there is a point at all.

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