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For Halloween this year, Kylie Jenner dressed Stormi as…Kylie Jenner

Stormi Webster sent Instagram into meltdown with a lilac dress and wig combo that looked spookily like a mini-me version of her mother's Met Gala look.

If you, for some reason, are not following the Kardashian-Jenners across all socials, you might have missed Kylie’s Halloween-sized serving of uncanny realness. Concretely, the 22 year-old has uploaded images of daughter Stormi-Webster in a minute version of the look she stunted in at the Met Gala earlier this year.

Ostensibly as her Halloween look this year, the toddler was dressed up in a slinky lilac number with feather puffball sleeves; an exact replica of Kylie’s custom Versace outfit. There was even a flowing purple wig to match, much like the hairstyle Kylie sported at the event back in May. For her own part, Kylie has been giving major 2003 vibes this Halloween – teaming up with BFF Anastasia “Stassie” Karanikolaou on IG Story to recreate the iconic Madonna and Britney VMAs performance, in which the pop stars shared a much-commented-on kiss.

Sometimes (*all the time*) it can be hard to understand what the fascination with kids is. Yeh, they’re cute, but who has the kind of cash to look after a whole other person as well as make rent for the month?! Following Kylie Jenner on Instagram, however, you get a glimpse into how the other half does parenting.

As it turns out, inherited wealth and social status (we do not buy those “self-made billionaire” claims) makes everything better — including child-rearing, who’d a think it?! Rather than sleep deprivation,  frantic nappy runs and £5 family meals it’s all about the good kind of sleepless nights, industrial quantities of Louis V and so much lettuce that posing next to a bundle of giant $100 bills seems in good taste.

Yet is all this stunting for strangers on the Internet ethical once kids are involved? Members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan have been quick to clap back at anyone who’s dared to suggest that they use their kids like accessories but they do, in fact, seem to use their children in this capacity. The youngest additions to the clan are more like dress-up dolls for social media rather than mini-humans in their own right…and this latest Stormi look only seems to prove this further.

How will Stormi look back at the way her life has been documented online? Particularly as she’s currently too young to consent to the ways she is being represented, we can’t help but think that a turbulent storm is brewing and waiting to be unleashed once she reaches maturity.  For the time being, however, we can enjoy the mirror world of privileged parenting that Kylie’s IG represents with minimal ethical unease…

28 October 2019