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For @sweetmutuals, makeup is art and her face is a canvas

Even with just a quick glance, it’s easy to see why this MUA's rainbow-coloured feed has attracted followers at top speed.

Not every teenager can say they’ve collaborated with Solange and Rina Sawayama, but then not every teenager is @sweetmutuals. Her outlandish looks not only pop on the ‘Gram but also dissolve boundaries between art and makeup, in part by drawing on her background in painting. Even from a quick glance at @sweetmutuals’ account, it’s easy to see why her feed of rainbow colours, jewels and flowers has attracted followers at top speed. We caught up with the MUA to talk about gaining inspiration from her mother’s beauty routine and discover the one product she can’t do without. 

Describe your beauty in three words…

Black, limitless and revolutionary.

Who or what has influenced you the most?

My mom and my own creativity have inspired me. As a child, I would watch my mom put on her makeup and would be completely in awe with it. When I was four, I couldn’t even leave the house without having to put on some of my mother’s lipstick. When I was starting to get interested in doing eyeshadow, I used the same techniques I learnt from painting to execute my looks.

What is the wildest look you’ve ever created?

The wildest look I have ever done is the “V” look inspired by @erinparsonsmakeup. It was originally seen on Aweng Choul for V Magazine.

What is one piece of make up you couldn’t live without?

I could not possibly go without chapstick.

How vital is Instagram to your industry?

Instagram is my resume and my portfolio. It opens me up to working with brands and celebrities. Every time I post, it’s like I’m applying for a job. It’s also vital for me because it exposes me to a wide variety of people. I wish to inspire these people, especially the ones that share the same skin as me.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means having confidence in yourself. It means that you love yourself so much that it creates an aura around you. Being beautiful means being black – we are the true definition of beauty.

You can follow Ali on Instagram at @sweetmutuals. Check out more of her best looks below. 

19 March 2020