Fourth of July: A nation divided

What happened on July 4? An earthquake, the baby blimp returned, migrant children were still imprisoned, and half a country felt conflicted while the rest celebrated.

Donald Trump marked America’s independence-day with a show of military prowess, he stood behind bullet-proof glass declaring “great country!” to thousands of supporters at the Lincoln Memorial, just after demonstrators had set fire to the nation’s flag outside his home.

While many were distracted with Trump’s untraditional military parade and boasts of national power, America’s multitude of climate and social issues were still very much present – Here is a selection of the events and protests that you might not have known took place.

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HAPPY 4th of July!

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Climate change

Anchorage in Alaska reached record temperature of 32.2 degrees (Celsius), yes you read correctly, Alaska, The United States’ most northern territory was warmer than some areas in the Mediterranean. The temperature was the highest ever mark reached in the state.

While Alaskan residents enjoyed the unusual heatwave, residents in Washington capital were evacuated due to severe flash floods warnings – just an hour before Trump was due to make his July 4 speech.


As if Mother Nature was literally trying to tell us #fucktrump, California experienced the state’s strongest earthquake in the last twenty years. The 6.4 magnitude earthquake luckily hit 150 miles north of LA, many scientists predicted if closer to heavier populated areas there would have been an extremely high risk of multiple causalities.

The quake has caused gas leaks, fires and cracked roads as well as high levels of damage to people’s homes and businesses – it’s been estimated that there has been between $10 million to $100 million in losses.

Aftershocks have been rolling across Southern California since yesterday and the governor has declared a state of emergency for the area, this isn’t the end though, scientists say there is an 80% chance of a magnitude 5 or higher quake hitting the state next week.


More than 11,000 children on any given day in The United States are being held by the U.S government, recently horrors of the detention centres have surfaced from Democrats and observers visiting the facilities. There were reports of children sleeping on concrete floors and being denied soap and toothpaste at a facility in Clint, Texas.

Following this, Trump has announced immigration raids will commence after July 4: “After July 4, a lot of people are going to be brought back out,” Trump told reporters after signing legislation that will provide $4.6 billion in funding to address the influx of migrants from Central America.

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Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro slammed Trump’s July 4 celebrations as a “waste of money”, and that it was designed to boost the president’s ego. In an interview with “CBS This Morning”, Castro suggested that Trump should have focused on putting the $2.5million set aside for the military parade to improving conditions for American veterans.

Protesters clashed outside the White House after the American flag was burned just before Trump’s July 4 event around the corner. “Burn, baby, burn” was chanted by the protestors as the flag went up in smoke. After the flag was extinguished the leftist protestors clashed with a group of pro-Trump supporters which turned violent.

Trump baby blimp has returned! The notorious b.a.b.y, made famous by its appearances at UK anti-Trump protests, has gone on holiday to Washington DC. Baby blimp featured at anti-Trump protests in Washington.

Protest through art

Prophetic street artist Plastic Jesus is back, continuing his quest to smear Trump he handed out flyers playing on the famous Andre the Giant Posse ‘Obey’ posters – although Plastic Jesus’s read “disobey” underneath Trump’s face.

Protest through Instagram

5 July 2019