12 May 2023

Frizz, sawtooth buns, and rat tails: Here are this season’s hottest hairdos

HUNGER is giving you the lowdown on this summer’s best ‘dos – and it’s messier than you think.

There are multiple no-no’s when it comes to hair, and your hairdresser won’t be shy in telling you. Uncontrollable frizz, skin-tight buns, and slithering rat tails are among them, right? Wrong. This season it is time to throw out your hair rule book and enter a new age of experimental ‘dos. 

First up, the frazzled unbrushed hair is set to be summer’s spotlight hairstyle. We are here for it mainly because it means we don’t have to go through the whole tangle teezer, crying in front of the mirror ordeal. It’s sort of like a post-sex bedhead look for the girlies who truly cba, and it was brought to us by fashion-forward luxury brand Miu Miu when they sent their models down the runway full of frizz. Horror queen Mia Goth and the elegant Emma Corrin both debuted the look at the AW23 show, which was revealed to have been created with static balloons. Perfect party look, to say the least. Not only does the look bring back memories of the 90s/ 00s glowy makeup meets mega frizz, but it can be done on all hair textures and lengths. Miu Miu opted for a slick back look with hairline frizz, but it can really be your own choice. Helena Bonham Carter party in the back mess? Or how about a Kate Moss early 00s all-over frazzle? The soft glow and shy glam are the perfect companions for this ‘do and lend themselves to this post-sex style too well. To get the look, throw out your brushes and grab a balloon. Or, do it the old-fashioned way and get down and dirty to secure your on-trend frazzle.

From balloons to spikes, we introduce the sawtooth bun – the uber-glam cousin of the beloved spiky bun. We have seen many a corrugated twist grace the heads of stars, namely Gigi Hadid and the model-off-duty beauty squad. But this is more than the à la Lizzie Maguire style of spiky space buns, this is a full abstract sawtooth takeover. Stars like Jenna Ortega, Bella Hadid, and Doja Cat have done the sawtooth bun justice, by extending their spikes so it forms a large sculpture around the head. Think the Virgin Mary’s halo of stars were it made from hair. Many are going slick back half-updos or mid-height buns, but the best had to be Florence Pugh’s dabble in sawtooth territory. At the 2023 Bafta Awards, the Midsommar actress went full-blown abstract art for her bun iteration. With the ends spread around the crown of her head, she sported the halo-style with a super short Hepburn-style of fringe and slick back sides. To get the look we recommend the strongest hair gel on the market and a hearty dose of hairspray. What’s more is, the halo look embraces mistakes and you don’t have to be an angel to get the ‘do just right. Wherever is sticking out, just slap some gel on and call it a sawtooth wonder!

When we say rat’s tails, we are using the term rather loosely. We don’t mean the slimy plait crawling down the nape of your neck, we are talking more baby braids and layer plaiting – less Shia LaBeouf and more Bella Hadid. The idea is to get your face-framing layers and braid them so they sit on the face, even better if a statement graphic eyeliner is involved. It’s the perfect festival-proof look as plaits don’t require much upkeep, and it works on all hair textures and lengths as well. Kristen Stewart has been famed for her literal rat tail, albeit a tiny one with braids down the side of her head. This could be an iteration of the baby braids, or you could go more down the Bella Hadid geek-chic route and start braiding your bangs. The model has been embracing the look for quite some time, and the mini plaits are finally picking up traction on the likes of TikTok, accompanied by the likes of Y2K rectangular glasses and shining hair rings. It’s the ultimate solution to keeping your face-framing layers in check for the sweatier months. Give the rat tail a chance!

  • Writer Ella Chadwick
  • Banner Image Credit Instagram @miumiu

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