Future Dust: the sustainable Instagram account to follow

"A space for sustainable, recycled & circular fashion."

With the fashion industry producing 20 per cent of global wastewater and 10 per cent of global carbon emissions, it comes with no surprise that an increasing number of people are taking sustainability more seriously every day.

In the past couple of years, brands have really stepped up their game and given customers a wider selection of options when it comes to recycling and sustainability. Alongside this, organisations such as Extinction Rebellion have taken the climate change issue to a whole different level and have started to make a real difference.

However, sometimes it’s just really hard to keep track of all the options available and choosing from brands promoting a lot of different things at the same time can be, frankly, quite overwhelming.

Less than a year ago, freelance writer Alec Leach created Future Dust, an Instagram account where he shares all the best sustainable finds. “There are a huge amount of quote-unquote “sustainable” brands out there. They’ve really flooded the market recently, but most of them are pretty dull,” Alec said recently. “I wanted to create a safe space to talk about the latter half: people who are making cool, responsibly made products, but are a bit reluctant to really shout about it.”

The platform encourages people to think more about products they’re producing, selling and buying. “I want to show people who are interested in the subject that there’s more to sustainability than hemp tote bags. The idea is to make the issue more relatable and show people that you can be responsible and exciting at the same time,” he added.

According to Alec, consumers are the ones that can drive a big change within the industry by “creating demand and putting momentum behind the companies that are doing things in a better way.” His word of advice? Buying second hand. “There’s loads of amazing stuff out there, you just have to have some patience. It’s a win-win situation.”

Follow Future Dust on Instagram here.

19 August 2019