24 January 2023

Futuristic fashion is kicking aside apocalyptic gloom for extra-terrestrial accessories

According to cult accessories designer Poppy Lissiman, dressing for the future should be met with optimism and excitement.

Fashion has, since its origins, always been inspired by the future in some way. The most revered designers in the industry can not only predict what’s coming, but also what the lifestyle alongside it will look like. 

In 2023, most designers are already expanding their horizons to cultivate a style of living that coincides with their clothing. Followers of the futuristic trend are elbowing their way to the forefront of innovative fashion, and are indulging in the predictions of what dark doomscape may lie ahead. Many of the upcoming trends are mirroring much of what we see in the media today. With futurism, inspiration from the sci-fi genre only reinforces its visions. 

As of now, The Matrix-inspired trend is rocketing, with many adopting a “cyberpunk” style alongside elements of gothic dystopia. Balenciaga recently sent a slew of post-apocalyptic looks down the runway in SS23, narrating futurism through the luxury lens, and introducing the look to the mainstream. Though The Matrix may have been seen as rather far-fetched at its time of release in 1999, it only takes a glance at the runways, social media, and street style of everyone around to prove not only its impact but rather its successful predictions of our ever-changing world. 

Bella Hadid has been rocking the classic sci-fi look for some time with Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) inspired mini sunnies and long leather trenches. Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner had her moment in a tight black PVC dress and some tiny shades, and Julia Fox, as ever, brings her own style to The Matrix trend time and time again – with long trenches, all-black ensembles, and larger-than-life winged liner. With staple takeaways taking to the streets in various forms, it seems the aesthetic is easily achievable with the right sourcing.

Whilst we are all part of The Matrix, one must be committed to the all-black look, with the addition of gothic leather pieces, slick back hair, sleek sunnies, and stomping boots. But amongst the iterations, when Justin Bieber stepped out with his wife Hailey, the trend took on a whole new lease of life. Wearing a pair of Poppy Lissiman Cherloi glasses, the idea that the future of fashion will be gloomy and post-apocalyptic was reimagined. Lissiman seems to be bringing a renaissance of hope and cheerfulness when dressing for the future, as she tells HUNGER:  “I usually feel when futuristic dressing is in fashion, it fits with a mood of looking forward and being optimistic about days ahead. I think in light of everything we have been through (or that we are going through) over the last few years that exaggerated futurism has a certain appeal to it.”

“With eyewear, I’m really into super oversized bug-eyed sunglasses. Our Cherloi is the perfect example of these”, she adds. With futuristic faves including the Monza, the Rossi Speedway, the Heyuboy and, of course, the Cherloi design, Lissiman says that her accessory is a hybrid of the times, stating: “I actually love vintage silhouettes, especially with eyewear. So I like to have a bit of a combination of both past and future. I get inspired by so many different eras.” 

Perhaps the future holds less doomscape and more optimism, and the trend of dressing for what may come shouldn’t be held in the realms of a potentially disastrous dystopia. Lissiman hails retro-futuristic inspiration and the idea that alien-inspired eyewear is an exciting feat for fashion designers. With her bug-eyed lenses, the future of fashion is looking other-worldly, and we can only thank her colourful designs for an emerging sartorial era.

  • Writer Ella Chadwick Banner Image Credit

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