27 October 2023

Gentle Monster takes us back to school for their 2024 optical collection

The label’s latest campaign sees the Korean brand break the eyewear mould once more.

The words “going back to school” most likely produce an uncomfortable flashback of terror-inducing memories. As a child, there was likely no more terrifying combination of words as summer days filled with joy spent outside would be swapped for the dullness of the classroom. But cult Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster is looking to subvert that association with their 2024 Optical Collection, and we’re here for it.

For their latest campaign, the label has opened up the doors to its “GENTLE HIGH SCHOOL”, which sees Japanese actress Nana Komatsu and musician Shinichi Osawa take part in martial arts and mechanics classes (both slightly more glamorous than British PE and DT lessons).

The release entails everything we’ve come to expect from Gentle Monster, including intricate outlines, popping colours, and an almost extraterrestrial-like aesthetic. Crafted with bold and sophisticated metal detailing, the new glasses collection offers tinted lenses in various hues, adding daring elements to classic silhouettes. Special-edition packaging follows the same educational theme, arriving in a school backpack with a book-themed casing.

Alongside the campaign, GM will host exclusive pop-up spaces in Seoul and Beijing, allowing visitors to experience the brand’s unique interpretation of high school and to receive “GENTLE HIGH SCHOOL” student IDs from a photo booth.

Take a closer look at the campaign below and head to Gentle Monster’s website to purchase from the new collection.


  • Writer Chris Saunders

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