Giorgio Armani’s Resort collection is a hymn to unfading elegance

Dusky textures pay homage to an era of ageless sophistication.

For his first Resort debut, Giorgio Armani landed in the island of Japan, fetching an erudite sense of sartorial rawness and tonal neutrality as a core reference to natural settings. Even the catwalk resembled a flow of water over a sandy layer, characterised by see-through Plexiglass panels covering a beige carpet, alongside a series of reflections projected on the walls.

The show kicked off with looks in neutral shades, evolving onto dashing reds and flashy blues which formed an enticing chromatic parade in a very, very uplifting way. Moreover, each look was tender and elegant, with a myriad of flaunting silhouettes. The lavish and somewhat plucky venue became the stage of an unexpected waltz between times, revealing a stripped-down incarnation of the contemporary Armani woman. Predominantly driven by retrospection and dynamic affirmation, the collection is a homage to Italian roots that muse on the transformative power of luxury, while challenging a certain genre of high-end social sophistication.

On a further note, the show busted into an imperative momentum for the Italian fashion house, as noticed by the attendance of global celebrities. Uma Thurman, among many more, lit up the front row accompanied by Japanese star Tadao Ando, one of Armani’s abiding collaborators.

Featuring delicate, mild and docile textures. Linen, silk and satin were accentuated by leather trims and opulent knits. Sumptuous fabrics were unified by voluminous pieces, ranging from oversized women’s blousons and floaty cloaks to men’s pleated trousers, gathered at the ankle just like jogging pants. The clothing hinged on daywear, crafted through the brand’s attention to soft tailoring.

Fluidity was utterly pivotal this season, as was a feel of sartorial poise, translated by a meticulous approach between classic, graceful, and elusive femininity, infused with a slight prominence of exaggeration. Moreover, Armani’s seamless eclecticism counted an assortment of elongated, buttonless tailored blazer jackets, with bold and paramount shoulder details, dressed up with fitted trousers and daggered heels.

On another hand, the occasion starred a soothed ubiquity of masculinity, in contrast with the vigorous male emphasis habitually portrayed by the label. Adopting a chic sartorial allure, the precisely-cut jackets and pants were proposed in different shapes and volumes, morphing a genderless austerity wearable by both the man and woman. The notion of underlining shapes was augmented across the evening wear ensembles, were a daintier colour palette of greys, pale-browns and corals punctuate a sense of timeless grace. A procession of tulle and embroidered sequins also swayed the runway rather divinely, rounding up an imperceptible, celebratory ode to craftsmanship.

Overall, the collection was subdivided into colour sections, prints and dusky silhouettes, gently blooming onto a more invigorating tonal wave. Casual knitwear pieces were finely executed, educing sleek codes of geriatric design, encompassed by an elaborate yet compelling range of bejewelled accessories, representing Armani ever so charmingly.

Check out the full collection online here and watch the full show on IGTV here.

  • words Chidozie Obasi
  • main image via @Armani on Instagram

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