6 October 2021

girl in red: Playlist

As part of the musician's takeover of hungertv.com, dive into a playlist of new faves, old familiars and nostalgic tunes. 

As part of girl in red’s takeover of hungertv.com, the Norwegian musician runs through a range of the most important music in her life: recently discovered gems from Jungle and Erika de Casier, a first foray into electronic music from Jamie xx and Romy, 2019 favourites from Hater and Fog Lake and a wistful piano track from Savoir Adore.

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“All Of The Time” – Jungle

I really like a song was called “All Of The Time” by Jungle, which I found a couple of weeks ago when I was in New York. I was just listening to it in an Uber and I just felt like, “Wow, this sounds like falling in love.”

“Someone to Chill With” – Erika de Casier

I’m into a bunch of music by this Danish artist called Erika de Casier. I really love her song “Someone To Chill With”. Honestly, her entire new record [Sensational] is great, but that’s a really good one.

“So Much It Hurts” – Niki & The Dove

I’ve been listening a lot to “So Much It Hurts” by Nicki & The Dove, I found that a couple of months ago when my girlfriend pleaded me [to listen] and then I was like, “I love this.” So now [when I listen] I’m just thinking of my girlfriend.

girl in red wears BALENCIAGA.

“Seesaw” – Jamie xx and Romy

I’ve been really into Jamie xx, I love his song “Seesaw”. I’m listening to a bunch of new music that’s different to what I’ve listened to previously in my life. I’m listening to a lot more electronic music and I feel like I’m changing as a person right now. I’ve been changing very rapidly this past year and I’ve grown a lot this past year. So I’m excited to see how all this will inspire my music.

“Blushing”  – Hater

I was really into a song called “Blushing” by a band called Hater in 2019. I remember listening to that obsessively, all the time. Every time I was in the shower, I would listen to it.

“California” – Fog Lake

I really loved this song called “California” by Fog Lake. I love listening to songs that make me really sad, which is weird, but it’s actually probably not weird at all.

“image no. 4” – Savoir Adore

There’s actually a piano song that makes me feel nostalgic of a life that I’ve never lived, called “image no. 4” by Savoir Adore. It’s a piano instrumental that makes me feel like I live in a village and I’m riding my bike every day to a fish market and buying fresh fish…I feel like I’ve lived that life.

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