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Glasto kid just appeared on Good Morning Britain. Pierce Morgan just sucked the fun out of it

Apparently Pierse Morgan loves Grime... when it's not being performed by a black person, that is

The #AlexFromGlasto hype may die down sooner than we would have hoped. The 15 year old schoolboy gained viral stardom during UK rapper Santan Dave’s Glastonbury set. After calling out to the crowd to the crowd to find a volunteer willing to aid him with AJ Tracey’s verse on the 2016 feature, titled after the Paris Saint-Germain defender, Thiago Silva. Bucket hat and PSG footie top at the ready, the schoolboy was plucked from the crowd and did not disappoint. 

The internet were rocked by Alex’s [performance with many calling him a “legend” and rightfully so, you couldn’t help but smile throughout the entire performance. From Dave’s nurturing and patience and Alex’s confidence and stage presence the scenes ignited some serious glasto-fomo. It wasn’t long until Boohoo hit up the lad to front their newest campaign and I’m sure many more have already compiled potential contracts. As soon as Alex finds suitable management we’re sure to see a few more. 

Good Morning Britain called and Alex answered. During the interview, the presenters asked him about his thoughts and feelings of being on stage and what his next ventures were, but to lead out, Morgan suggested that he recite the lyrics that helped him garner such acclaim. 

Ahead of Mann’s commencement, Morgan made the disclaimer: “Bear in mind there are children watching… but you are one.” Stuttering and awkward, the shy secondary schooler managed to get through the interview unsaved; with Morgan noticeably enjoying the performance with a dad-approved-jig. In true contradictory- Pierce fashion, he went on to conclude:

“It’s an amazing thing, some people get a chance in life and it can go horribly wrong and you’re remembered for it going horribly wrong. Your took your chance and you slayed Glastonbury. So I salute you, young Alex for a brilliant thing. That’s what the youth of today should be doing more of. Taking their chance and slaying it!” Now, the problem isn’t Alex Mann, he’s young, having fun and has great memories and opportunities to show for a fun-filled festival weekender. 

As Grime and Drill is increasingly vilified by the British press. Scapegoated into being identified as the root cause of youth violence the knife crisis and gun violence that has long been an ill in British society far before any UK rapper out has been alive. 

Pierse Morgan being one of the most vocal to hijack at urban music from defending the necessities of stop and search, to being schooled by rappers Giggs and Akala on his comments on knife crime. When we can get real about the policies,  economic and social deprivation that exists throughout the Uk as a catalyst for violent crime (that has been sensationalized to seem like a black issue, though making up roughly 13% of the Uk population) then maybe a young, white boy can go on a morning talk show discussing the opportunities he’s been afforded from the entertainment of black, marginalized men and women who have been censored and victimized, continually for their craft. 

3 July 2019