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Glitter Bomb

Sparkle your way to biodegradable transcendence.

We come into contact with glitter more often than we think; on birthday cards, at parties and festivals, on clothing and phone cases, but just how much is this sparkly material impacting the environment around us? 

Because glitter is a microplastic, it is hugely detrimental to oceanic life. When it finds itself in the sea (which is where a huge proportion of our waste ends up), it is consumed by plankton, fish and birds, who eventually die due to the indigestible build up in their body. 

Thankfully, in recent years biodegradable glitter has become available, meaning that you can still sparkle in the sun at Glastonbury whilst being assured that you’re not damaging the environment. This new eco-friendly glitter has even had the seal of approval from Lord of Nature Sir David Attenborough, who backed a Rochdale-based firm producing it. 

In this twinkling editorial from The Future Issue of HUNGER, we experiment with some extreme beauty looks with biodegradable glitter and offer some inspiration as to how you can wear it.

8 May 2020