10 November 2023

Go BTS of Gracie Abrams’ European tour with Searows

The musician gives us the low-down on life on the road following the release of his upcoming EP, ‘End Of The World’.

Crafting intimate and personable soundscapes is exactly where Kentucky-born, Oregon-raised Searows excels, and none more so than on his latest EP, End Of The World. Born Alec Duckart, the singer-songwriter released his debut album Guard Dog in 2022 and received co-signs from the likes of Ethel Cain and Gracie Abrams, the latter of whom he supported on her European tour throughout September and October. Here, we take an exclusive BTS peak at Searows’ time on the road with Abrams, with captions from the artist himself…

10/6/23 – Walking around Paris a couple of hours before the show. The Eiffel tower is a lot bigger than we thought it would be!

10/6/23 – Mornings in Paris. Every time we saw something distinctly American, we had to take a picture with it, and we were getting a kick out of the European lens of America

9/29/23 – Stopping at Lowther castle on the way to Birmingham from Glasgow.

9/26/23 – Eating our greenroom snacks in Dublin after the show. In the earlier days of this tour, Marlowe and I couldn’t handle eating beforehand because we were so nervous, so we were devouring cheese and crackers in this pic!

9/26/23 – Walking around Dublin before the show. Marlowe and I both had always wanted to see Ireland, so we were delighted to be here.

9/25/23 – On the ferry from Wales to Dublin. We didn’t bring our coats because we thought we’d be sitting inside the whole time, but we both got extremely seasick, so we sat on the top deck the entire ride. I couldn’t take my eyes off the horizon for four hours straight haha. And I accidentally wore the same colours as the boat!

10/15/23 – Before the show in Munich with our friends Philip Brooks and Runo Plum! Last summer, these two visited us in Portland, so it was so sweet to meet them in Germany.

10/7/23 – Us running around, almost late for sound check in Brussels because we wanted to see all the pissing statues.

9/28/23 – this was before the sound check in Glasgow. I think I was trying to find a drawing reference. We were still nervous about the shows at this point, but we had the sweetest sound guy of the entire tour, and he really motivated us!

9/29/23 – Just exploring!

  • Photographer Marlowe Ostara

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