Godsomware is the eyewear brand that will turn your look from RTW to couture

Rawr XD...Nuzzles U... Okeez :P :3...

If Rawr XD could take on eyeglass form, it would be these bad boys.

Lions, tigers, possibly a bear… one thing’s for certain, you’ve never seen anything like them. These futuristic shades are taking Instagram by storm. Handcrafted and unique, these specs are seriously OTT. @3217 is the Korean maestro behind Janelle Monae’s Met Gala after party eyewear. You know the one. Blinkering boob, feathers and a third eye. Yes, that’s the one. It’s not a couture showpiece, although, let’s not speak too soon, these shades are an Etsy official. So feel free to like, lust and spend serious cash, these are Godsomware sunnies. 

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  • words Connie Mangumbu

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