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Griff’s VERO Takeover Is Coming

The Gen Z singer, songwriter and artistic force will be giving our followers creative inspiration and unique insight into her journey so far.

At just 19 years old, Griff is proving that she’s in full control of her career – from the songwriting, to her visuals, to her signature ponytail (Ari who?!). Here at HUNGER, the pop newcomer caught our eyes and ears after the release of last year’s “Mirror Talk” EP and with the catchy, soulful bops she’s continued to drop throughout 2020.

We’re excited to announce that Griff will be taking over our VERO account until 9 October, giving our followers insight into her unique creative process, beginnings as an artist and cultural recommendations. 

Want to find out more? Head to VERO.

VERO is an authentic social network — no ads, no algorithms, just great content. Go to vero.co to sign up and follow @hungermagazine for more exclusive content and to catch Griff’s music takeover, which runs until October 9th.

28 September 2020