Growing Pains

A historic corner of Milan meets vintage Stella McCartney in this thoughtful editorial shot and styled by Matt Colombo.

At the beginning of lockdown, many young people moved back in with their families. Becoming reacquainted with their childhood homes, they also rediscovered a younger side of themselves; who they were before the everyday pressures of the world set in. This fashion story, shot and styled by Matt Colombo, uncannily captures this feeling, despite being shot before social distancing measures set in.

Matt took his camera inside a former nunnery on the outskirts of Milan,  capturing an area where model Havana has lived since she was a child. Whilst there, the bold looks pulled looks from the small, elderly community – including Mrs Anna, who appears in one of the photos. The garments themselves were provided by Havana’s mother, who opened up her archive of vintage Stella McCartney clothes and shoes for the photoshoot.

A homage to Havana’s upbringing and the cultural and fashion influences that have made her who she is, we present “Growing Pains”.

9 July 2020