Guerlain runs major international campaign for bee protection for 2nd year in a row

After an incredibly successful 2021 campaign for the French House of Guerlain, they’re aiming to raise €1 million over three days for bee conservation in 2022.

From World Bee Day on 20th May to the International Day for Biological Diversity on  22nd May,  Guerlain  is  again  calling  for  a  commitment  from  its  communities and the global population at large. All funds raised will be used to support the “Guerlain For Bees Conservation Programme”.

So much of our lives depend on the skillful handiwork of bees. Without them, our ecosystem would lose an integral cog and would cause irreparable damage to the earth as we know it. Therefore, the house of Guerlain has decided to make a commitment towards their protection, hoping to pass on the beauty of nature to future generations while ensuring their future is safeguarded.

Disastrously, if bees ceased to exist, most fruits, flowers and seeds would cease to exist forever. Taking away an irreplaceable selection of colours, flavours and smells. Across  the  world,  intensive  farming,  vanishing  habitats, climate  change  and  so  forth  are  drastically impacting  the health of bees, both wild and domestic.

It is imperative for us to protect them, but this alone is not enough. We  must  also  raise  awareness  around  the  importance of bee conservation for the world of today and tomorrow. This is  why  Guerlain  is  committed to teaching  children  about the cause of bees, thanks to its Bee School. Its programme Women  for  Bees,  in  partnership  with  UNESCO,  also  aims to  train  new  women  beekeepers  at  UNESCO’s  biosphere reserves, alongside a number of other conservation efforts.

This world bee day, Guerlain has teamed up with artist Tomáš Libertíny, Who has been incorporating bees into his artwork for over fifteen years. In particular through sculptures co-constructed by honeybees. In this  spirit,  Tomáš  has  adorned  the  Guerlain  bee  heart  logo and Huile-en-Eau Abeille Royale with a sprinkling of flowers.In  collaboration  with  the  artist,  the  House  is  also  proposing a  never-before-seen  creation:  the  emblematic Bee Bottle is taken into a poetic and timeless universe. A work of art entirely made by bees.

If you’d like to support this crucial cause and secure the future of our bees, there are plenty of simple ways you can help by following the instructions below in-between the period from the 20th to 22nd May 2022. 

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Guerlain / Tomáš Libertín

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