Harry Kane’s Self-Care Secrets

The England striker and BOSS campaign star talks us through his first fragrance memory and how his grooming routine helps him stay focussed.

This spring, BOSS Parfums celebrates the start of the football season with a new campaign, “Unite to Celebrate”. Dedicated to the limited-edition BOSS Bottled United Eau de Parfum, the campaign focuses on the emotive power of sport to inspire, engage, and unite players and fans. 

Below, we speak to Harry Kane, England striker and one of the campaign’s stars, about working with BOSS and the importance of self care.


Let’s start at the beginning, what’s your first fragrance memory?

BOSS Bottle, that’s the fragrance I use most at the moment. I can’t really remember what I wore growing up. I used to wear what was in the house, but I’ve been wearing BOSS Bottle for a few years now and it’s the number one.


How has lockdown been for you over the past year? 

For me, personally, and for most other footballers it’s been fairly normal in terms of our routine. We’re still training every day, we’re still playing every week. The biggest impact is on your personal life and not being able to go to restaurants or spend time with the family as much. So [in that respect] it’s been difficult.


When do you feel most confident?

When I’m playing football, to be honest. It’s what I do the most in my life and what I’m best at. Whenever I’m on the pitch, I kind of go into my own zone: I’m confident in my abilities, and I try and show that.


What does self care mean to you?

In terms of routine and grooming, [I’m] always trying look after myself and keep myself as young as possible, because time goes too quickly. I keep the beard trim and use face creams and eye creams. My wife got me into that but I like that routine in the mornings to make sure I feel good and look good.

And why should more men become interested in self-care?

It gives you a positivity. Whenever you look good, it makes you feel good. I think it’s important for everyone to do what they can to get some positivity in their life and for me that definitely helps.


The theme of our latest issue is community: what does community mean to you both on and off the pitch?

On the pitch, community means being together and helping each other out. Being a part of a team all going in the same direction, all working for each other and helping each other. Off the pitch, it means me helping local communities and the communities I grew up in as much as possible, using my platform to try and help them progress and reach new levels.


What does being a man mean to you?

Just trying to be a good person, to be myself, to look after my family and my kids and to try and push my teammates and everyone around me to be better.


How do you apply the discipline from your training to other aspects of your life?

I’m quite a disciplined person on and off the pitch. I’ve always liked routine, I’ve always liked to work hard in whatever I do, whether it’s football or my personal life. Anything I’m interested in, I try and give 110%.  My experiences of discipline from football have helped me in my personal life, my business life and more.

Have you always been a fan of BOSS?

Yeah. I’ve been with BOSS now for between three and four years. I’m proud to be a part of their team. BOSS has always been a big name in the industry and always had a great reputation. That’s what I look for. I don’t just go to brands because of their name, I like to see their reputation and what they’ve done and BOSS suits me well.


And how has it been working with BOSS?

We’ve done some great campaigns and some great shoots. It’s always been good and they’ve always been great people to be around. I’m excited for the relationship we have to hopefully extend for many years to come.


What’s your self care routine for getting match-ready?

It doesn’t change too much from my everyday routine, if I’m honest but I might put a bit more product in my hair to keep it from moving when I’m playing.

Tell us a piece of advice that’s always stayed with you?

Just to believe in yourself. That’s a big thing I took with me growing up, if you don’t believe in yourself you can’t expect other people to have belief in you. That’s the main thing I’ve always tried to maintain and I think that’s definitely got me to where I am now.


Who’s inspiring you right now?

My kids are inspiring me. My little girl, well, my big girl now – she’s four. She’s growing up quick every day and learning quick. Just the way she’s so innocent and so interested in life and the world [inspires me]. It’s great to have that experience.


Finally, how do you maintain a healthy work/life balance?

When I’m at work, I’m fully committed to that. When I’m away from football, I try to switch off, spend time with the family and have some personal time. I just try not to think about football too much. It’s so intense sometimes when you’re playing or training every day. It’s very important to have that switch where you can go away and take your mind off it and that’s what I try and do.


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15 June 2021