28 October 2022

Harry Styles has just sorted our Halloween costumes, Merman-style

If you aren’t a fan of bearded, fish-inspired weirdness, look away now.

The new music video for Harry Styles’ first single on his latest album ‘Music For A Sushi Restaurant’ has just dropped right in time for Halloween. Directed by Aube Pierre, it is inspired by Styles, a half-squid merman, who proceeds to embrace a brilliantly bizarre plotline.

The music video follows the washed-up sea creature, Styles, who finds himself on the counter of Gill’s local sushi restaurant ready to be chopped up and served. But it is when the owner finds out he can sing that the tentacled wonder then becomes a performing sensation. Draped in his signature pearls and feather boas, it shows the ‘Fruit Man’ turned fish man performing for an audience, even doing his famous “whale” water spit… quite apt. In the end, he sadly loses his voice and is cut up and boiled for his meat. 

Would you fancy a Harry Styles California roll? 

The video is filled with uncomfortable squishing of various fish parts, and depicts the workers cleaning his tender pink tentacle legs in detail as he lounges about in preparation for the show. If raw fish isn’t your bag then this music video isn’t for you, but it also embraces some seriously weird stuff that makes us uncomfortable in a way where we can’t stop watching. 

If you feel the same, this could be the perfect opportunity to slay a squid-inspired fit for Halloween. With the music video anything to go by, there are a few options for dress. Of course, it calls for a glamorous version of the creature ready for his show in pearl-encrusted sunnies, a big furry black shawl and glitter everywhere including the lower half tentacles. But you could also go for the bearded Styles that we see at the start — a tired and slightly matted looking creature plucked fresh from the sea. 

Fans were shocked by the hairy Harry getup, saying “please stop showing me Harry Styles with that gross beard”, so this could be the perfect opportunity for scaring your friends this weekend. You could even Papier-mâché yourself into a big sushi roll made of Styles’ squid leg meat for a simple yet effective arts and crafts approach. 

It may not have been on your 2022 plans to get squid Harry all over your feed, but here we are. So embrace the weird underwater world of ‘Music For A Sushi Restaurant’ and dress in a glittery, scaly and probably quite smelly getup for a quick scare on Halloween this weekend. 

  • Writer Ella Chadwick
  • Banner Image Credit Official music video for 'Music For A Sushi Restaurant'

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