4 November 2022

Harry Styles’ new HA HA HA collection with Gucci is here — but it’ll cost you

Luxury house Gucci’s newest collab with the singer is typically eccentric and wild, but unfortunately for fans, so is the price tag.

Harry Styles has launched his “dream wardrobe” collection with Gucci, collaborating with friend and Creative Director Alessandro Michele. The golden-voiced star is famed for his eccentric flair for fashion, and he has become somewhat of a muse for Gucci after being draped in the brand for his public appearances and Love on Tour concerts.

But fans who love Styles’ regular collabs with the fashion house were also met with a disheartening reality check when they realised that with luxury stardom comes luxury price tags. The items range from a £155 pair of stripy socks to a £2200 pair of teddy-print green pyjamas. A sweatshirt, which would cost £60 as official merch, is £1100 for ‘HA HA HA’ printed on it; and a t- shirt printed with the same name at £500.

Stylers took to Twitter to express their dismay, saying “I’m too poor for this” and “time to take out a loan”. Many were willing to face empty pockets and tight budgets for a chance to get their hands on a bit of Harry’s HA HA HA, with one user even joking that it’s worth “the bank foreclosing my house while I’m dressed head to toe in Gucci”.

However, some rational users hit back, saying “it’s literally Gucci??? Be fr”. But amongst the Twitter debates about its worth, the brand have also just released their signature perfectly peculiar campaign shoot and video, distracting the Twitter Stylers for now.

Gucci enlisted Mark Borthwick to shoot the campaign, and the quirky video depicts Styles jumping around and roly-polying through furniture to the sound of windchimes. He dons the likes of pyjamas and loafers, as well as three piece suits with bow ties and handbags. Gucci described it as “the eccentric use of romantic accents, whimsical prints, vintage details, and the expressive emotionality of the individual”.

We’re sure the collection will be endlessly memefied in no time.

  • Writer Ella Chadwick
  • Banner Image Credit Harry's House Album Cover

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