21 July 2023

Have A$AP Rocky and Rihanna secretly tied the knot?

Fans have gone full-on detective mode after the release of the rapper’s latest single.

We may well be in the midst of a celebrity breakup epidemic, but one power couple (arguably the biggest), A$AP Rocky and Rihanna, are still going strong – and now fans think they’ve secretly tied the knot. 

Following the release of A$AP’s new track ‘Riot (Rowdy Pipe’n)’, keyboard detectives have been dissecting the song’s lyrics, specifically the line “My wife is erotic, I’m smokin’ exotic”. Take the line at face value, and A$AP is letting us know he now has a wife (presumably Rihanna, we hope) and that he smokes weed. Good to know.

The line “New collab’ with my baby mom” has also sparked rumours. Some have interpreted the lyric as a reference to their kid (of which they have another on the way), with others suggesting that the “collab” aspect of the line is actually a secret code for a wedding. Now we might be going a bit far, guys.

The single is not the first reference A$AP has made to his “wife” Rihanna. That came in the ‘D.M.B’ music video in which Rihanna and A$AP stage a ‘Fashion Killa’ wedding, dripped in red from the veil to the lavish dress.

Whatever way you want to interpret it, at the end of the day, it’s just a song. And the lyrics aren’t exactly remotely close to confirming the two love birds are hitched. So, while we’re all hoping that the pair eventually take a stroll down the aisle, it looks like we’ll be waiting a little longer until that actually happens.

In other news, the pair are rumoured to be enjoying some downtime after a busy few months, one which saw them make multiple front-row appearances during Paris Fashion Week, most notably during Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton debut the week after Rihanna joined the house as an ambassador.

  • Writer Chris Saunders

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