31 December 2018

Here were Instagram’s most wanted items in 2018

The 'It' items everyone went crazy for?

Social media has infiltrated our lives so much that it’s even directing our wardrobe choices. It’s got to the point that a Norwegian retailer created a digital-only collection for influencers – sustainably suiting the flex and chuck routine of Insta-famous bloggers. Fit pics are essential to the most followed accounts, making Instagrammable trends spread like wildfire across billions of profiles worldwide. You’d think the overflow of accounts would make fashion fads harder to distinguish but there are still some most-wanted items that stand out for generating hype, and likes. With some help from Lyst’s annual fashion report, here they are…

Prada’s Flame Heels

These Prada heels are fire- they’re hot to trot. Miuccia Prada’s immaculate cartoon design is literally made for a close-up #details shot. The patent leather comes in neon orange, pink or black.

Anything with the Fendi monogram

Amid the noughties trend takeover, Fendi’s double F monogram comeback made it the hottest print of 2018. It’s been everywhere on Insta for months now, which is light years in social media terms.

Dior Saddle Bag

Another early 2000s diamond return is the Dior Saddle bag- the same bag Paris and Kim K tucked under their arms as they partied with the cast of the Hills. It’s had a lil 2018 revamp though and there’s a male belt bag version too.

Tiny sunglasses

Whether they’re YSL, Prada or Topshop, if there’s any trend that has defined 2018 it’s tiny sunglasses. They instantly chic up any Insta profile and make you look stylishly unapproachable. Ideal.

Mental Health Warning Phone Cases

Revelling in dramatic irony, phone cases warning that ‘Social Media Seriously Harms Your Mental Health’ are popular on Instagram. Spreading the message where it’s most needed we suppose…

That Ganni pink boiler suit

Boiler suits are on trend right now and this one has bloggers and influencers across Insta competing for the coolest fit pic. It’s Ganni denim and pretty in pink.

Gucci tracksuits

It’s no shock that the designer monogram trend is flourishing at the height of social media, being the most blatant flex ever. Gucci tracksuits are made for stunting on the ‘gram.

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