16 September 2022

Here are the hottest new trends from NYFW

From neon statements to superhero-esque aesthetics, this year’s NYFW had it all.

As fashion week departs the big apple and heads over to the city of London, we’re taking a look at all the fashion trends that you may have missed over the past five days. One of the running themes at NYFW this year was designers adding a new and engaging spin on massive current trends such as Y2K, resulting in some fresh trendy pieces. But the idea of excess also reigned supreme, with neon gracefully overtaking the gloomy styles we’ve been used to since lockdown. 

Cargo everything

It feels like we’re reaching peak cargo. This year we’ve seen a fresh take on the aesthetic with a focus on minimalism. Take Sandy Liang’s cargo skirt for example, which still comes with functional pockets, but keeps a sleek and clean look making it appropriate for all occasions. Christmas present for Dad, perhaps?

Sandy Liang


DIY came back in a big way this year. Whether it was slashed, reconstructed, or just straight up looked like it was left in a wardrobe full of moths, the deconstructed look was inescapable on the runway. In particular, it was the punk tendencies of Elena Velez and No Sesso’s torn garms that provided us with this year’s eeriest pieces. 

No Sesso

Bright and bold

Obviously, we’re not saying bright colours are anything new. But in an age where the gothic-inspired stylings of Rick Owens and Matthew Williams are reigning supreme in popular culture, it was refreshing to see vibrancy make a comeback at NYFW. One show that took this to the next level was Fendi, whose stunning collection of lustrous looks was one of the standouts of the whole week. And of course, it was Bella Hadid’s glossy, teal, and half-zipped jumpsuit that stole the show and proved that colour is still king.

Denim skirt revival

The denim skirt has been on a steady comeback ever since the colossal virality of the Y2K aesthetic. Although, much like the aforementioned cargo, NYFW allowed for a fresh take on this tried and tested classic providing it with a new lease of life. We’re of course talking about the calf-touching denim skirts that were pretty much inescapable on this year’s runways. The likes of Marni and Altuzzara both put their own modern spin on this retro look with captivating colours and fine detailing. We expect we’ll be seeing this look a lot in the coming autumn months.


Blow up capes

This year it was Prabal Gurang, Jonathan Simkhai and Marni (once again) who brought the main character energy to New York with their larger-than-life, bright breezy capes. Marni in particular caught the eye with an aqua blue two-piece brought together by a flowing cape attached to the hem and shoulder straps. There’s always been a severe lack of well-dressed superheroes but maybe a few of the designers on show here should be handling their costume designs. Spiderman in Marni, anyone?

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