12 May 2023

Here’s a byte-sized look into why pixels are fashion’s new fave

The iconic pixel pattern is the new must-have accessory this sunny season.

When Loewe dropped their ‘Pixel’ capsule collection, it went almost instantly viral. J.W Anderson’s now iconic take on the glitch has hit fashion hard – and we are here for it. The industry has been trying to adopt tech in many ways with, you know, the metaverse, NFTs, and AI, but perhaps what it should really be doing is reflecting on the nuances of technological art in a retrospective manner. 

With Anderson’s vibrant pixels nodding to nostalgic tech as opposed to predicting its future, many have evidently resonated with the collection, as brands have now embraced and emulated the digi-design with their own flair. The abstract patterns were originally created by bugs in early computer systems which distorted shapes and produced visuals in byte-sized square chunks. Culture has never really left the pixel behind, as the epitome of today’s most nuanced meme takes on the glitch image in the depths of social media. It’s almost as if the old pixel has become a symbol of a futuristic vibe we cannot really place. 

Perhaps also with the world of confusing new technological feats, a part of us is going back to a time when we could understand what was happening, and the likes of Space Invaders and Pac-man ruled the online waves. We just want our 8-bite consoles back really, and if we can’t, then why can’t we wear them? What better way to express our nostalgia than a fully pixelated fit? 

Luckily, we are in no short supply when it comes to securing the ultimate glitch fit. We have, of course, J.W Anderson’s iterations of the 8-bite silhouettes, with his SS23 runway showcasing a Minecraft-inspired baby blue hoodie with black square-patterned edges. A$AP Rocky was a fan and attended his partner Rihanna’s 35th birthday in the likes. If you are on the hunt for a pixel hoodie that won’t break the bank, however, Kenzo has interpreted its own 80s style of pixel wear with the brand’s iconic symbols being given the glitch treatment and  a pixelated Kenzo logo on the sleeve. 

MM6 Maison Margiela also took on the pixels, albeit a more summertime version. The midi high-neck graphic-print dress is a blurry take on pixels, complete with an ombre dark to light palette. From grey to dark brown and beige hues, the desert depiction is glitch at its finest, as it takes on multiple landscapes depending on what you see. Another way to inject the pixel trend into your summer wardrobe can be through accessories, with the likes of Hermés Kelly Doll Picto handbag or even Burberry’s signature pixel check scarf. A super chic pixel picnic blanket, maybe? The trend is yours for the taking. Just know that no matter what, fashion will never let the iconic pixel die…

  • Writer Ella Chadwick
  • Banner Image Credit Instagram @loewe

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