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Here’s the first trailer for Chance the Rapper’s pizza-werewolf movie ‘Slice’

Making his on screen debut this year is Chance the Rapper, taking on a perfect new A24 role in Slice. 

Dubbed as “the story of a ghost, a werewolf and a pretty shitty pizza place”, it’s set to be a spooky smash hit thanks to Chance’s longtime collaborator Austin Veesely, the projects writer and director. Known as the mind behind many of Chance the Rapper’s music videos – such as Brain Cells, Sunday Candy and Angels – it’s sure to be a match made.

Set in a small town, the premise is that “when a slew of pizza delivery boys are slain on the job, two daring survivors (Atlanta‘s Zazie Beetz and Chance the Rapper in a wild film debut) set out to catch the culprits behind the cryptic crime spree”. Co-starring Joe Keery of Stranger Things, comedian Paul Scheer and Hannibal Buress, it’ll be the comedy-cum-horror of the year.

Talking of what we can expect, the director explained “People ask me often if the film is really scary. I hope it has its moments but it’s more of a comedy for me. Tonally, I was really inspired by Twin Peaks, if that says anything, I studied Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies to figure out how to balance multiple narratives. TV shows as well, like Twin Peaks, to discover how to establish a sense of place. I guess this movie is like Magnolia with ghosts. Just kidding. Kind of.” Sounds pretty great to us.

Check out the first trailer below now and stay tuned for the release…

22 August 2018