25 January 2022

Here’s what we know about Sky Ferreira’s upcoming album

The singer’s mother leaked the news on her Instagram account last weekend.

It’s been almost ten years since singer/model/actress Sky Ferreira graced our headphones with her 2013 pop-rock album, Night Time, My Time, whilst still in her early 20s.

The album was a raw glimpse into her upbringing, her uneasy first strides as a recording artist signed at the tender age of fifteen, and her relationships — all wrapped up into digestible, engrossing and addictive pop. 

In 2019, Ferreira released her solo single Downhill Lullaby. It arrived as a taste of a promised upcoming album, Masochism, that was due to be released later that year. We didn’t get an album, but we did get a collab with Charli XCX on Cross You Out

Now, almost a decade on since Night Time, My Time, a Ferreira album is on the horizon. Well, almost. 

We don’t usually get our news from Instagram stories of relatives disclosing future releases. However, we’re desperate this time. News of the Ferreira project was posted on an Instagram story by the singer’s mother, Tonia Lamere, which read: “new album coming march.” Nothing more, nothing less.

There’s not a lot to go on here, but at least it sounds promising. The singer did also post on Instagram last month that the album “is actually coming out this time.”

Quite astutely, one Twitter user commented underneath the tweet posted on the Sky Ferreira Updates page: “March, but she didn’t say what year…” 

It could be 2022, 2023, or 2030, who knows. But a Sky Ferreira album is in the works, and it’s coming.

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