HOWL: A New Queer Day to Night Party Bringing Community Back

"In these divisive times that seek to fracture our community, We will build a limitless city that unites us"

We’ve all seen the saddening headlines about the decline of queer spaces due to gentrification. But for once, this is some good news about queer nightlife in London… This weekend at GROW Tottenham is the inaugural edition of HOWL. A 14 hour, day-2-night, queer party, bringing together performance art, house and techno.

For the first time, famous queer techno collectives: HTBX, KAOS, OPULENCE will come together in support of the new format alongside independent acts Otamere, Tanake, Fuego, Shay Shay, Pierre & Baby, Awkward N’dure & Bimini bringing us spoken word, dance, live music, drag and much more.

The venue; GROW is an ex-civil engineering depot which is now a multipurpose venue. In the day it hosts volunteers and students which help to transform the site by cultivating its kitchen garden, micro-allotment plots, and carpentry workshop. While in the evening it is host to cutting queer techno, house, and happy hardcore nights (till 5am no less). Think warehouse vibes with a cute garden to chill in – the perfect place for a day to night party.

Performance, music and dancing, shouldn’t be exclusive to nightlife. It should be something that cultivates community not only in the dark of night, but also the light of day. The same goes for queer culture and communities, we shouldn’t just be bound to the basements of clubs and bars, but also encouraged to blossom in the sun. HOWL is a much needed addition to Londons landscape, to help cultivate conversations and community… and of course safe spaces with good music and dancing.


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