Huh? We’ve got another Conservative Government?!

Looking up flights out of here as we speak...

This election, UK voters had the option to overturn nearly ten years of ruthless Conservative austerity and rising xenophobia by casting an anti-Tory vote. However, the results from yesterday’s election show that 43.6% of the country voted for the Conservatives: let’s hope they never need the NHS, which is likely about to be sold off to Donald Trump!

To reflect our disbelief at today’s election result, we’re running “Huh?” from our recent Listen Up issue. This menswear-grooming mash-up centres on this concept, makes models’ bamboozled faces the focal point. In case you were wondering, this is what we looked like when we first saw the results of the exit polls…

Taken from HUNGER’s Listen Up issue. Click here for further information or to purchase. 

13 December 2019